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The Flexiva™ LX FM solid-state transmitter family provides today’s broadcaster with a no-compromise, cost-effective transmission platform with features previously only found in top-of-the-line products. Incorporating field-proven GatesAir technology, Flexiva LX transmitters deliver world-class performance, reliability and quality.
Flexiva LX is ideal for low power requirements, up to 1 kW, while utilizing the most compact design on the market today. Flexiva continues the legacy of the highly successful line of GatesAir FM transmitters and combines innovative RF amplification and software-defined exciter technology including powerful integrated multi-band audio processing to make your station stand out on a budget.

Featuring PowerSmart® technology, the Flexiva LX continues the legacy of unmatched efficiency that makes it ideal for all FM applications. The 50-volt LDMOS device technology delivers a dramatic increase in power density, lowers operating costs and reduced cost of ownership over the life of the transmitter.

Customers can count on GatesAir for implementation. The company offers a range of support options from standard 24/7 telephone technical assistance and parts to installation, training, full system design and field maintenance contracts.
Flexiva LX FM Transmitter Family Features:
Power levels up to 1050 W
Broadband, frequency agile design
87.5 to 108 MHz requires no tuning or adjustments
Hot-pluggable power supplies
Best-in-class power efficiency for lowest operating costs
Compact, space-saving, 2RU design
State-of-the-art, direct-to-carrier digital modulator
Integrated digital multi-band audio processor and stereo encoder with composite clipper
ITU-R BS412 peak program/multiplex power limiter
Dynamic RDS generator
AES, analog L/R and 2 configurable composite program inputs and outputs
Digital MPX/Composite input over AES192
Operation over a wide range of voltage and power stability conditions
Operation at up to 1.5:1 VSWR with proportional fold back
Full remote control capability including:
Web-based HTML GUI interface SNMP
Parallel control/monitoring
Extensive Fault, Warning, and Operational parameter logging
Optional Powerful DSP based re-broadcast receiver