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The new GatesAir Maxiva™ XTE exciter provides broadcasters with a powerful, software-defined platform, enabling the ultimate in performance, stability and durability.

Featuring unparalleled signal processing power, a smaller footprint and advanced Transport Stream over IP (TSoIP) input capabilities, Maxiva XTE builds upon a strong legacy of groundbreaking technological advances, pioneered by several decades of GatesAir innovations. Dramatically increased processing power together with new, advanced Real-Time Adaptive Correction (RTAC) techniques, provides optimum signal performance over a wide variety of modulations and RF amplifier topologies.

The Maxiva XTE supports a full range of digital broadcast standards, including ATSC, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ISDB-T, DTMB, DAB/DAB+/DMB. It is upgradeable to future new modulations, including ATSC 3.0, as they become available.

Main Features of Maxiva™ XTE
Advanced Real Time Adaptive Correction (RTAC)
Optimized correction for all amplifier types
Frequency Agile – Band I, III, IV and V
Supports all widely used TV standards and DAB/DAB+ radio
Upgradeable to emerging digital standards
Available Internal GNSS (GPS/GLONASS) receiver for precision frequency control and/or timing required for SFN
Available Internal UPS
Compact 1RU design
Dual redundant TSoIP inputs with seamless auto-switching
Dual redundant transport stream inputs with seamless auto-switching for ASI/T2MI
Integrated ISDB-Tb Remux
Seamless integration with GatesAir transmitters
Intuitive Web GUI interface with HTML
Advanced monitoring and diagnostics support