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GS-FW012 ip

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The GS-FW012 ip is the Dante network audio version of the GS-FW012 4W unit.

There are still four inputs for the top panel loudspeaker or headphone monitoring, each with their own level controls and each being derived from the Dante network.  There are still four talkback outputs each being routed to the Dante network.

Both the inputs and outputs are presented via a single rear panel Neutricon RJ45/CAT5 connection that is Dante/AES67 compliant.

The four talkback outputs are identical.  Each has a 3 position lever key talk switch that is either off, locked on, or in a sprung push to talk mode.  The output of each circuit can be off unless the talkback button is pressed, looping the the associated Dante input input, or outputting the local cue input.

The local cue input is presented on XLR and has it's own level pot for the speaker or headphone monitoring.

A good quality microphone amplifier with adjustable gain followed by a compressor limiter is built into the unit making its talkback outputs to the Dante network crystal clear. Conversion of the audio signals to/ from the Dante network are by low noise, high bandwidth 48K 24bit converters providing superb performance.

Audio I/O can be routed via the digital Dante router.  The free Dante Controller software configures all routes and can be downloaded by clicking here.

There is an internal switch mode power supply, or the GS-FW012 ip can be powered via PoE via the CAT5 connection. If both supplies are present then they will act as redundant supplies.