Media Services Iq - IABM Single BaM Product

Media Services Iq - IABM Single BaM Product




MediaServicesIQ contains a suite of machine learning (ML) applications. These microservices can be applied to speech-to-text, video intelligence, closed caption conformance, and content classification in media workflows. The microservices in MediaServicesIQ integrate easily with media workflows used by broadcasters and media houses, helping them leverage AI/ML technologies within existing workflows.

Media ServicesIQ provides an easy-to-access portal to cloud-based AI/ML services through custom-developed workflows.


Metadata Generation

Cloud-based collection of speech-to-text and video intelligence applications automating the generation of speech and video-based metadata Provides off-the-shelf integration with the Avid system Easily interfaces with existing workflows using REST API Video intelligence metadata for face, logo, ad, number, on-screen text, object, and shot change detection Metadata with timecodes for tagging, enabling search and faster content retrieval.

Automatic Closed Caption/Subtitle Generation

Machine-generated, time-synced outputs in various sidecar formats for further processing Faster, scalable, reliable, and secure generation of preliminary outputs Easily ingest sidecar files into workflows for repurposing.

CC Quality Conformance for Multi-Platform publishing

Generate reports on non-conformance parameters within a CC sidecar file Automatically compares against predefined style guides standards from platforms such as Netflix Time coded error reports for easy navigation and correction Ability to ingest multiple sidecar formats.

Auto classify content for better value

Automatically create a classification for content Classify advertisements using various labels to automatically identify and ingest Automatic classification of high-points in a feature-length video Easily integrate and ingest labels into existing workflows.

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