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Camera support and grip


1.Damping structure and effective counterbalance system.

2.Tripod and fluid head by CNC processing ensure high precision and intensity.

3.Load bearing parts made from 304 stainless steel ensure durability

4.Quick release plate

5.PAN/TILT 23 absolute value encoder Position calibration for once is enough.

6.Zoom/Focus data output via Canon or Fujinon full servo lens encoder.

7.Support Free-D protocol

8.Compatible with Vizrt, Avid(Orad), Brainstorm,Rossvideo,ZD etc


Specification (fluid head):

1.Bowl Size: 150mm

2.Payload Range:  4-50kg

3.Counterbalance: 16×2 Level

4.Grades of Drag: Horizontal 10/Vertical 10

5.Tilt Range: +90°/-80°

6.Working Height: 100-164cm

7.Transport length: 106cm

8.Temperature Range: -40°C/+60°C

9.Weight: 10.5kg


Specification( Data processor data box 4):

1. Support data input via encoders from pan, tilt, zoom, focus, lens and crane Support BB input via Q9 interface.

2. Automatically recognize full servo lens of Canon or Fujinon and collect tracking data

3. Support setting tracking camera ID, automatically adjust the tracking delay and lens delay

4. Support FREE-D absolute value tracking data, RS422 and Ethernet UDP dual-output, and support changing UPD port number

5. Support data direction-exchange between zoom and focus. Support data direction-exchange between pan and tilt.

6. Support manual tracking crane which can user-define the jib length

7. When the machine moves, two-point positioning could be used

8. Assembled with the touch screen, support USB-C, TF card communication


Tracking Precision:

Pan, Tilt <0.001°,8300000/360°


Standard Configuration:

1.S400VR, Pan & Tilt tracking head (150mm ball) made by CNC processing with 30s time lapse illuminated leveling bubble

2.PL200, quick release plate

3.Each 2 pieces of 3/8”and 1/4” screw

4.PB100, dual telescopic pan bar

5 20pin output cable for built-in encoders of Canon/Fujinon lens

6.Data processor: Data box 4

7 Pan & Tilt Data cable

8.Power adapter cable (Optional AC 220V input or 3.6-36V DC input)

9.AT221, Single stage aluminum tripod with metal feet and mid-level spreader (or ground spreader)

10.CO100, padded bag

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