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Video enhancement and restoration tools

Wedit, the web video editor integrated within VSNExplorer platform, is designed to boost collaborative work and increase efficiency in time-sensitive environments, such as news and live production. Wedit enables media management and video editing through its cloud-based functionalities, whether assets are stored in deep archive, nearline or online files, allowing journalists and editors to easily locate and edit media files within a single interface, without having to switch to another system.

Wedit is an easy-to-use web editing tool that allows users to quickly edit and prepare videos for broadcast from one single interface, without necessarily changing to an NLE. Integrated within VSNExplorer platform as an add-on feature, this web video editing tool is 100% developed in HTML5 and accessible from any browser, operating system or device.

Its integration in VSNExplorer allows Wedit users to access and edit low-res video stored on-line, near-line or even in deep archive, edit sequences quickly by cut, generate cut lists; mark-in and mark-out segments with proxy frame accuracy, associate metadata to the editing cuts, quickly drag and drop video segments, record voiceover over the timeline and edit audio layers and, finally, unify it in a single clip ready for broadcast or export it as an EDL in case further editing in an NLE is required.

Wedit is the perfect editing tool for news and live production environments, allowing journalists and editors to get a news piece ready for broadcast within minutes, working on content even while it is being ingested or on-air/live. Its deployment in cloud environments also enables a more collaborative access and editing of video files, revealing itself as a highly valuable tool for broadcasters and news agencies.

In document and historical, legal or institutional archive environments, Wedit can help users compact archive images after a quick media or content search directly through VSNExplorer MAM.

Finally, in production and post-production environments, Wedit can be really helpful for quickly creating movies or TV shows trailers, promotions or advertising. The final result can be easily consolidated and delivered to an MCR system, such as VSNMulticom, for its broadcast on traditional TV, or to second-screens and Social media.

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