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IABM BaM™ Shop Window

An online resource where users can source and find out more about the best products available
Fully categorised and searchable
Gives a complete, 360 degree model of the industry.

Creative services

Creative services provided to content creators and broadcasters including creating promos (trailers).

NEP Post-Production Services

NEP offers full-service post production solutions.

OWC Rover Pro

OWC Rover Pro is the pioneering mobility solution that installs on the 2019 Mac Pro in minutes.

eMAM Cloud

Rapidly deployed after purchase, eMAM Cloud is a powerful tool to produce and store media.


Osiris is a client software that enables Avid editors to collaborate on MC projects on standard NAS.


Ultimate choice for users in subtitling industry-translators, editors, audio-visual artist.


An application and storage agnostic PAM that saves companies time and capacity on editing projects.


MediaServicesIQ™, a comprehensive suite of cloud-based microservices.


Web adaptative NLE dedicated to remote production: play, preview, mark in/mark out, EDL, …


HR NLE solution and so more: play, preview, mark in/out, EDL, Subtitling, Dolby E, …

Cloud Dubbing

The TV and movie industry’s first cloud-powered dubbing service.

Fuse IQ

Production services utilising AI and ML to reduce time and cost.