Empowering creativity at scale with remote production innovation – LTN

Empowering creativity at scale with remote production innovation – LTN

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Empowering creativity at scale with remote production innovation – LTN

Colin Moran, VP of Production Products

Sun 16, 04 2023

Colin Moran, VP of Production Products, LTN

Media companies around the world are embracing remote production to unlock game-changing operational and cost-efficiencies, driven by advances in cloud and IP technology. Remote media workflows are enhancing creative collaboration across the content chain, breaking down geographical barriers and empowering content owners to do more with less.

Remote and centralized production models are redefining the boundaries of what is possible — enabling crew and talent to work from anywhere while helping content owners be more creative with a fraction of the resource. While organizations of various sizes are experimenting with remote workflows and investing in cloud-based technologies for media production, many are yet to find the real ROI and unlock the transformational opportunities to scale that remote production provides.

With ever-increasing audience expectations for high-quality video and tailored live experiences across multiple digital platforms, there’s never been a better time for organizations to embrace centralized production with advanced customization workflows to reliably achieve scale and future-proof their business. It’s time to move the lever.

Creative customization

Remote, cloud-based production workflows are enabling efficient customization and creative versioning of live events at scale for multiple platforms. The sports market is more competitive and fragmented than ever. Streaming platforms, broadcasters and tech giants are throwing huge money on the table to secure premier sports rights, while leagues and federations want to grow their global fanbase and maximize brand value. Efficient content customization and distribution services that help rights holders tailor and spiderweb their content to engage with every audience on any screen is not just about creativity and enhancing the viewer experience — it’s about maximizing ROI on golden content assets. Automation-driven live event decoration workflows that simplify content versioning at scale and transform centralized feeds into customized streams for global cross-platform distribution are expanding the frontiers of live sports broadcasting.

The old model of delivering one form of content to a mass audience doesn’t cut it anymore. Mass customization is critical due to the increased global demands on content consumption and an explosion of distribution channels, digital platforms, and viewing devices. Brands need to connect with consumers in local languages and with relevant content experiences to deepen viewer engagement and grow their audience. Media pioneers are harnessing scalable, fully-managed event decoration services to insert local language commentary, custom graphics, closed captioning, half-time local programming, and pre-and post-game inserts and highlights to deliver culturally relevant live sports to fans across continents.

Efficiently tailoring live content at scale is incredibly demanding. Rights holders need to prepare content for various destinations across global markets and to fit diverse platform requirements. Surging demands on video quality mean delivering HDR content is table stakes for many leading media companies, so they need tools to maintain and convert high video resolution across the media chain — or downgrade quality as required for legacy distribution points. Fully managed live event decoration services are equipping customers with seamless watermarking, slating, video insertion, and SCTE insertion capabilities to ensure flawless cross-platform reach and optimal monetization.

Taking sports production into the big leagues

Flexible, agile remote production technologies are enabling more production of niche sports, raising the profile of smaller sports leagues and organizations while serving niche audiences with the live sports coverage that matters most to them. Opting for a remote production model can lower barriers to entry for sports organizations and empower them to scale their broadcast operations, as well as enabling live production in complex and challenging environments, such as marathon races or rally driving. The flexibility to create more content with less resources, underpinned by a highly reliable and globally-scaled IP multicast distribution network, means it now makes business sense for media companies to bring niche, curated live sports experiences to international audiences.

Future-proofing your business with the right partner

Achieving scale and driving greater tonnage of content is paramount to growing your media business. But building and maintaining complex in-house production infrastructure and resources requires a lot of money and takes a lot of time — both of which are in short supply in today’s dynamic market.

Investing in remote production workflows with a reliable partner is key to driving creativity at scale and achieving all-important ROI. Media companies want to know that they can trust their tech partner to innovate within the industry and keep them equipped with the latest and greatest technology innovations.

Live content remains king in a fast-moving industry, but media brands need creative tools to drive ROI on high value content and keep their business in the driving seat. Efficient remote production techniques that empower content owners to decorate, tailor and distribute live content to any viewer, on any screen are the not-so-secret weapons that media leaders need to stay out in front of the chasing pack.

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