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Virtual Week 
Cloud & Virtualization

How to profit of state of the art KVM systems within virtualization and hybrid infrastructures

Andreas Gerlach, Field Application Engineer


Cloud computing and virtualization are becoming increasingly important. But does this mean that the future lies exclusively in the cloud? We are convinced that in most cases physical hardware will continue to play an important role. However, it can also be optimally supplemented by virtual machines and cloud solutions, e.g. for short-term extensions or peaks, which can be remotely accessed via network protocols, to create hybrid infrastructures. One part of IT structures will still be physically present, while the other part is available virtually via cloud computing. But how can you link such hybrid structures as ¬flexibly as possible? How do you standardize their use so that operators can handle them easily, easily, efficiently and in line with their needs? The solution we provide is called KVM and the RemoteAccess-CPU. G&D’s new RemoteAccess-CPU lets you seamlessly integrate virtual machines into KVM matrix installations.

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