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Intelligent Content Creation and Distribution With Artificial Intelligence

Article from Digital Nirvana

Thu 13, 05 2021

The science of artificial intelligence (AI) has become indispensable to the art of captioning. The rise of AI in captioning and transcription solutions can be attributed to many factors. However, the one that stands out is the rise of voice technology. Speech-to-text technology is the most rapidly emerging technology in the closed-captioning arena. The growth in the speech-to-text market is fueled by:

  • Growth in smart speakers and intelligent voice assistants on mobile phones and other devices
  • Increased government spending on education for the disabled
  • Rising number of people with learning challenges
  • Rise of elderly populations’ reliance on technology

The speech-to-text API market is expected to grow from US$ 1.6 billion in 2019 to US$ 4.1 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 20.6%, as stated by the Markets and Markets report. The report also said that North America is expected to hold the largest market size in the global speech-to-text API market, while Asia Pacific is expected to grow at the highest CAGR. North America is also the highest contributor of revenue for the speech-to-text API market.

Based on the above figures, we know that speech-to-text is turning out to be the most significant factor for content creators and distributors when it comes to generating effective and accurate captioning. We have a very concrete example to show how AI speech-to-text and translation engines increase the speed of developing content and quality. We at Digital Nirvana realize we are at the cusp of the golden age of AI and machine learning.

With AI-enabled automatic captioning, broadcasters can create content and make it searchable, translate it into multiple languages enabling content localization where users across the globe can consume it. Speech-to-text engines generate quality metadata through translation, which is another example of natural language processing, and it has taken a massive leap in the past few years. AI captioning solutions can take spoken language and turn it into speech-to-text before converting it into any other language. That’s exactly what Digital Nirvana’s Trance does with a very high degree of accuracy.

You can check out our blog, where we have detailed how AI is transforming the closed-captioning landscape through our success story. At Digital Nirvana, we understand that AI elevates the value of content beyond mere translation and captioning. Our advanced speech-to-text engines generate rich metadata of speech-to-text, but our solution leverages AI to work beyond this, aka generating metadata using video intelligence.

<Download Trance brochure to know how you can leverage AI for your captioning workflows>

Our captioning solution, Trance, leverages AI to enable facial recognition and logo recognition, which is a massive boon for sports broadcasters. These broadcasters are obligated to follow FCC regulations to display a logo a certain number of times during live streaming of events and classify advertisements.  Our machine learning and AI workflows come into play, where we can take an ad and automatically figure out using speech-to-text, computer vision, and machine learning what that advertisement is about and whether it's a restricted or a free ad. This enhances the workflow tremendously and reduces the time to put an ad out into the market.

Let’s take a look at the critical features of Trance that content creators and broadcasters can leverage:

  • Web User Interface: Trance has a simple and intuitive user interface with user-specific access and customizations.
  • Transcription Page: This is where all the magic happens with the advanced speech-to-text engines equipped to handle various content types.
  • Automatic Formatting (Presets): Natural Language Processing (NLP) based on the formatting of grammar and proper nouns.
  • Pro Captioning Page: Advanced caption editing features like importing captions to sidecar files.
  • Text Localization/Translations: Trance supports generating transcripts in more than 30 languages and translates them into more than 100 languages.

Digital Nirvana leverages two decades of speech-to-text and knowledge management expertise to deliver greater productivity, shorter turnaround times, and improve both the speed and accuracy of the captioning process all in an easy-to-use interface. Contact us for a personalized demo of Trance, where our experts will take you through the solution.

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