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Stay on top of 2023 OTT market trends

Wed 25, 01 2023

2023 opens up the way for an upgraded era. Forecasts point to a further deepening and settling-in for trends that have already been taking shape in 2022. Today, the tech sector is expected to improve and raise its standards, opportunities and challenges are one step further than last year.

According to statements made in conversations with specialists, bets fall on a projected evolution of 5G, Cloud Based SaaS, Low latency, and FAST models. These guidelines will become increasingly stronger over the next 12 months.

Without further ado, let’s take a more detailed look at the market’s future:


When we talk about 5G, we are well aware of the fact that we are dealing with a growing presence making its way into the industry. Deloitte recently declared that “5G standalone core networks are expected to allow for increased device density, reliability, and latency, opening the door to advanced enterprise applications”.

This year, 5G core networks will serve as allies for tech to reach its maximum peak. According to a GSA report, 70 countries had 5G networks by June 2022, showing a significant contrast vs. the 38 countries involved in mid-2020. Approximately 15 more have partially deployed 5G mobile technology.


As virtualized, cloud-native 5G core networks become increasingly available worldwide, dedicated network segments will offer broadcasters advanced quality of service. Now, they will rely on a more flexible system for capturing live video.

Hand in hand with 5G development, we will find a proportional impact in the field, the triggered result of these high-quality streams and super-low latency networks lead the way to a much more connected world, with lower costs, and productions that have greater flexibility, improved quality, synchronized 4K and multi-camera opportunities.

A new range of possibilities opens up for network operators and media content providers, breaking through new business models where it is possible to deliver content or data to a wide range of consumers without affecting the regular 5G mobile network.


Moving forward in this year of transition, an attraction and retention strategy will reign above all others. The popularity of targeted advertising through FAST will certainly become a thing in the market in face of an ever growing need to get a personalized tactic in order to become successful. Niches’ approach, powered by Insights, are getting stronger and stronger.

Low latency

Low latency distribution will also stay on top! As consumer internet service gets better, low-latency operations are making headway.

We believe that the adoption of open, interoperable, and technically robust solutions for live video over unmanaged networks will continue to grow.

The cloud

In addition, the cloud will also remain under the spotlight. The adaptation to a widespread use of streaming video in the cloud to deliver content is a phenomenon that has been growing more and more on the market for some time now.

However the transition to the cloud that we witnessed in 2022 will boost during the present year, it would appear likely that a great number of new members will be broadcasters willing to adopt a cloud-based video transmission system. A modality that is very useful for providers to optimize TV channel launches, making them happen in a quicker, more agile, and flexible way.

As the streaming market expands, live event streaming appears to be an attractive business opportunity for companies to broaden their wallets. According to studies, the live streaming market size is expected to reach 4.26 billion U.S. dollars by 2028.

Both the cloud and SaaS solutions will serve as facilitators on this point, providing the complete set of tools required to enable live event streaming growth. Capacity, agility, and flexibility are the magic elements implied, key components to guarantee a unique video experience.

A future of evolution is foreseen, in which the seeds sown in the past will be harvested. As Liam Hayter, senior solutions architect at NewTek, said: “2023 is the year of agility, maturity and raising the bar of quality and engagement”.

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