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Satellite Connectivity


XDCAM air from Sony delivers a secure, seamless and wireless workflow from shooting to studio.

.Nevion Virtuoso

Nevion Virtuoso is a standards-based, virtualization-ready, software-defined media node.

Aperi A1105 1RU Ethernet Switch/Compute Platform

Industry-leading 1RU 40GbE/10GbE Ethernet Switch/Compute platform supporting five FPGA microservers.

Aperi H.264 Encoder & Decoder Apps

2 channel SD, HD, 3G H.264 encoder & decoder with SMPTE 2022-1/-2 IP encapsulation & decapsulation.

Aperi JPEG 2000 Encoder & Decoder

4 channel JPEG 2000 SD/HD or 2 channel 3G encoded & encapsulated/decoded & decapsulated over IP.

Aperi MPEG Transport Stream ASI over IP (SMPTE 2022-1,-2,-7)

Simultaneous 4 input and 4 output channels of SD/HD/3G SDI encapsulated to/from 10 GbE IP.

Aperi Network Address Translation (NAT) & Firewall App

Network address translation and firewall App for global media distribution networks.

Aperi SDMP-4S Microserver

Modular 4 SFP Slot FPGA-based microserver designed to run specialized apps at very low latency.

GrayMeta Curio

Curio is a metadata platform that leverages machine learning & AI services.

Matrox DSX Core

Cloud-Based Media Processing

Matrox DSX LE4 BNC

Reconfigurable Multi-channel SDI card with full size BNC