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Digital TV transmitters

The R&S®TMU9 UHF transmitter family offers unique flexibility by providing more than 50 different standard configurations. Featuring efficiency of up to 42 %, it achieves the highest energy saving on the market. Plus, the simple system configuration allows quick startup. The high availability of the R&S®TMU9 ensures unsurpassed reliable operation. And its compact size saves space at the transmitter site.

The R&S®TMU9 air-cooled transmitters attain output powers in from 300 W to 3.0 kW for digital standards and up to 4.75 kW for analog standards. The transmitters are accommodated in only on rack, saving a lot of space at the transmitter site.

With efficiency values of up to 30 % in normal mode, the transmitters save a great deal of energy and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The Doherty architecture for boosting efficiency increases this figure to up to 42 %. These figures are unparalleled on the market, making the R&S®TMU9 transmitter familie the global benchmark for broadcast transmitters with optimized operating costs.

The transmitters feature unique system variability. Innovative configurations, such as MultiTX or N+1 systems in a single rack, and built-in bandpass filters ensure short delivery times even for special transmitter configurations. Excellent efficiency and the integration of multiple transmitters into a single rack reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a transmitter system by more than half over the system’s lifetime.

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