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Wireless camera systems

0.04 seconds latency Changing the game in live video transmission. The Zao-SH is a small mobile encoder that can live stream video from a remote location back to any destination. But with an incredible glass-to-glass latency of only 0,04s (40ms) over LAN, or 0,065s (65ms) over 4G. Buy Zao-SH from UBMS Dubai.

The Zao-SH is an H.265 HEVC encoder that can be used in a variety of video contribution scenarios. From broadcast applications, such as news gathering, to public safety, law enforcement and military applications, the Zao-SH can be utilized to send an encrypted live stream from a broadcast or surveillance camera, drone, vehicle, body cam or helicopter.

Smart-telecaster Zao-SH is a 5G compatible ultra-low latency live video transmitter

It is equipped with next-generation transmission technology that reduces the glass to glass latency to 0.04 seconds (40ms) or less. The latency in live video transmission has been an important concern but the Zao-SH is able to transmit live video signal to/from remote areas in almost real time.

The Zao-SH can send a fully encrypted live stream, but simultaneously a return data feed can be sent from the destination back to the Zao-SH, for example to control a PTZ camera or to remotely control a drone gimbal.

The Zao-SH can live stream reliably over multiple bonded 4G SIM cards from different network providers, and /or can be utilized with a LAN connector.

At the receiving end, a Linux based software decoder will provide a video output of the live video. End to end latency starts at a remarkable 0,04s.

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