Smart Telecaster Zao S - IABM Single BaM Product

Smart Telecaster Zao S - IABM Single BaM Product

Smart-telecaster Zao-S

Smart-telecaster Zao-S


H.265 IP Video Transmission

The Zao-S is a portable video H.265 HEVC encoder that compresses video in real-time, enabling full HD live video streaming to anywhere from anywhere, all while on the move. The equipped H.265 video compression is the most efficient standard for encoding and compression on the market today. As a result, the Zao-S enables constant HD video quality, low latency, and the freedom to transmit live video from across the globe. The Zao-S is made in Japan and features the high quality craftsmanship that Japanese products are known for. The Zao-S is constantly being improved as our engineers develop new features and increase its capabilities.

Sophisticated Multi-Network Bonding Technology – RASCOW

The Zao-S allows up to 3 external USB modems to be bonded together to form a single connection via 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, and/or satellite. When transmitting video live over the mobile network, many factors such as the carriers being used, cell tower locations, and varying bandwidth levels affect video quality. Our proprietary protocol, RASCOW, monitors these factors along with the changing mobile signal strength in real-time and adapts the most optimum bonded combination of the network connections. The Zao-S, with the RASCOW protocol, continues to reliably send high quality video even when signal strengths become low or fluctuate rapidly.

Sleek. Compact. Mobile.

The Zao-S maximizes mobility without sacrificing quality. Due to its lightness (about 350g) and portability, the Zao-S can be carried with a body strap or be mounted on a camera. The compact design, and one hour internal battery, make the Zao-S an excellent choice for drone applications as well.

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