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Cartoni designs, manufactures and markets highly professional support hardware and systems for the motion picture and television industries. The company prides itself on its engineering ability and leading technology, and is internationally recognized in the industry as a pre-eminent brand for camera support equipment. Cartoni has reached a leadership position in the international market by offering a wide range of technologically superior, rugged camera support incorporating patented fluid drag systems and patented counterbalance systems. With a variety of 21 different fluid heads calibrated in capacity and performance for every shooting need, Cartoni offers the widest range of fluid camera support heads on the market. A complete range of accessories matches the fluid heads, including tripods in different sizes, both in aluminium and carbon-fibre, spreaders, dollies, pneumatic columns, pedestals, jib arms, transport cases and a plurality of smaller accessories. Cartoni has a dedicated support from the smallest DV camera to the largest camera, throughout the range. All Cartoni products are fully inter-operative with the industry professional equipment. Continuous innovation ensures the company success.

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