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The Buffalo Bills deliver content from live to fans in seconds with Blackbird

Thu 06, 02 2020

The New-York based Buffalo Bills is an institution in the National Football League (NFL). Founded in 1959, the 4-time Super Bowl finalists boast one of the largest and most loyal fan bases in the league.

Each week the Bills’ production team manages a 5-hour block of TV programming that covers game action, expert opinion and behind-the-scenes content. Accessing, editing and publishing this content for fans to enjoy had been laborious and slow using traditional editing systems. The team wanted an ultra-efficient cloud-based solution that would dramatically speed up their workflows and deliver content to fans much faster online. The Bills turned to Blackbird.

Accessing Blackbird through just a browser, the production team uses the platform’s rich suite of editing tools to rapidly clip, edit and publish content pre, during and post-match. Video clips and highlights are seamlessly delivered to and the club’s Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels within seconds of the live action. For further engagement and reach, emojis and graphics can be added and players tagged. Sponsor branding and adverts can be included, partners tagged and promotional messaging incorporated to drive monetization.

“What I really like about Blackbird is the ease of use – anybody can use it, from any computer. Blackbird has been a game-changer for what we do on a daily basis. We can pull a clip in a matter of seconds and get it online and keep our audience engaged whether on social or during the show itself.” – Jay Harris, Senior Producer, Buffalo Bills

With Blackbird continuing to power the Buffalo Bills’ online video content, this iconic team’s online fanbase continues to grow rapidly. Since the introduction of this ultra-efficient cloud video platform, the Bill’s Twitter following alone has increased by 25% to over 1 million.

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