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CAS, encryption, DRM

Encryption of content streams via conditional access systems (CAS) typically in cable, satellite and IPTV systems to control customer access to channels and services; or via digital rights management (DRM) typically in OTT content items delivered to consumer devices.

Intertrust ExpressPlay XCA

Converged security for Broadcasting and OTT Streaming

Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM Offline

Secure Download and Offline Playback

Intertrust Kiora

Entertainment Everywhere Content Delivery Platform

Marlin DRM

Open-standard specification for digital rights management (DRM) established 2006

Intertrust Seacert

Secure IoT devices with Seacert’s scalable certificate authority and managed PKI service

ExpressPlay Media Security Suite

One-stop shop for media and entertainment content protection and anti-piracy services

whiteCryption Code Protection

Make your applications self-defending against cyberthreats

Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM

Cloud-based multi-DRM service

whiteCryption Secure Key Box

Protect cryptographic keys at all times—whether they are stored, in transit, or in use.

TVkey Cloud

TVkey Cloud is the secure and consumer-friendly, direct-to-TV solution by NAGRA and Samsung.

NexGuard ClipMark

Detect any source of pre-release leaks down to only 30-second video samples.


All-in-one, off-the-shelf headend for one-way and two-way CAS use cases including multi-DRM support