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X Platform

CAS, encryption, DRM

IP network technology and infrastructure is evolving, as is the distribution of video. Dedicated SDI-based networks are being replaced by transmission over standard IP-based networks as high-speed IP infrastructures are becoming affordable and easily available. Broadcasters seek ways to standardize on IP networks for all video transmission, regardless of video format.

Designed for IP-centric operations:

Specifically designed for IP-centric operations, the X10 and X20 chassis has a significant video processing capacity. 10G bi-directional IP interfaces provides video firewall-grade IP security at every connection node. Capable of internal routing of up to 140G, the backplane extends Appear’s tradition of providing high capacity future-proof platforms. The chassis supports dual active backplane providing Appear TV patented lossless redundancy between modules. Service density can be defined up to 2,000 services in and out per module.

Current and future IP video standards:

The X platform supports “light” intra-codecs as well as AVC and HEVC. Option modules for receiving compressed or uncompressed video from IP or SDI (Optical and Electrical) are readily available. With backplane latency of less than 1ms, universal applicability for virtually any video application is ensured, as is the implementation of both current and future IP video standards, including VSF-TR03, VSF-TR04 and SMPTE2110.

X Platform Modules:

Hi-density, modular and hot-swappable – the X10 and X20 use the same set of modules and same software:

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