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Secure Video Player

CAS, encryption, DRM

Viaccess-Orca’s (VO) secure video player is a multiplatform player integrated with major DRMs — including Microsoft PlayReady®, VO’s proprietary DRM, Google Widevine®, and Apple FairPlay® — for premium VOD and live content, allowing operators to provide a compelling and unified viewing experience, with low latency, across OTT devices.

The player utilizes the same software across all platforms, solving multiscreen fragmentation across small, medium, and large connected screens, featuring offline support for Mac and PC. In addition, the platform allows streaming content to be downloaded and stored locally for later playback, in compliance with the content owner’s security requirements. It supports VAST, VMAP and SCTE-35 for dynamic ad insertion with no buffering between content and ad switch. Support for CMAF and HLS Widevine reduces the platform’s total cost of ownership.

The one-stop shop solution is supported across multiple platforms and operating systems, including mobiles, desktops, the web, smart TVs, STBs, Android, Android TV, iOS, tvOS, Microsoft Windows®, and MacOS®. By supporting all of the latest streaming standards, it ensures operators can deliver low-latency live OTT experiences, fast zapping time, responsive scrubbing, and successfully deploy ad insertion. In addition, the secure video player supports React Native, a key advantage for app development companies. The player includes sophisticated DRM with anti-debugging, anti-tampering, and other security features, keeping content safe from hackers. The player is backed by best-in-class support, leveraging VO’s professional support team to integrate profound security and video expertise and utilize DevOps for customer-focused development and delivery.

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