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VO Anti-Piracy Center

CAS, encryption, DRM

The nature of piracy is changing. The proliferation of device environments and the worldwide scaling of broadband access have expanded the range of security threats to premium video services. Operators need to react instantly to security threats, especially when delivering premium video content and live sports events. Viaccess-Orca’s (VO) Anti-Piracy Center is a comprehensive set of managed security services that enable operators to fight piracy from every point of attack ­by assessing the security, monitoring the threats, identifying the source of piracy, and taking counteractions.

The Anti-Piracy Center provides a wide range of services to fight piracy, leveraging the latest advancements in AI and data analytics. It includes device and set-top box assessment, dynamic watermarking, an intrusion-detection system, password-sharing identification, and Eye on Piracy for removing pirated content on Cyberlockers, pirate boxes, torrents, and social networks. VO’s dynamic watermarking technology, developed in collaboration with b<>com, has been assessed for robustness by Cartesian and received a 100% score.

With its Anti-Piracy Center, VO’s security experts combat premium content restreaming on behalf of operators. From its operating center, VO monitors and prevents pirates from hacking the content distribution chain via a full integrated multi-DRM designed to protect content from end-to-end, starting with the service delivery platform to the end-user device. VO’s Anti-Piracy Center utilizes real-time monitoring with a web-based portal and advanced forensic technology to support legal prosecution. As a managed service, VO’s Anti-Piracy Center eliminates the need for operators to invest in complicated technologies or to constantly train security teams.

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