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Cloud object storage

Cloud-based object storage tiers, including frequent and near-line access.

Caringo Swarm Cloud DR powered by Wasabi

Managed, offsite Disaster Recovery service, enhanced data protection with DR to Wasabi cloud storage

Limelight Origin Storage Services

Automated regional replication places and retrieves content closest to your audience.

CenturyLink Origin Storage Platform

Allows content libraries to be securely stored and easily managed over a global platform


HYBRID Architecture, based on aSTORM storage management, combines both worlds for remote production


Transcription, Captioning, and Translation workflow with the AI advantage

Tedial Evolution aSTORM

aSTORM transparently manages various storage tiers across departments and locations.

MatrixStore Cloud

MatrixStore Cloud is a managed service cloud storage platform from Object Matrix.

8 Bay /16 Bay EVO Shared Storage

EVO is a complete, networked, high-performance shared storage workflow server for any production use

latakoo end-to-end solution

With secure cloud and automated ingest, latakoo is one system that delivers a range of workflows.

Sargasso – Digital Asset Management

The new, low-cost, Digital Asset Management tool, powered by MagLabs, Sargasso