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DIVA Version 8.0

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The world’s leading and most trusted content storage management system, EcoDigital DIVA Software Suite, revolutionizes rich media asset management and gives you full control of the entire life cycle of your digital content.

At its core, DIVA is an asset monetization system, optimizing costs and simplifying management of even the most complex environments. Agnostic to data storage technologies, solutions can scale from single server, disk-only architectures to larger systems combining different storage tiers and technologies, all with infinite capacities. The combination of different storage technologies and content migration processes enables you to balance response time, performance and cost,and allows your environment to scale as needs increase.

DIVA lets you reimagine the way you work by putting the power of your digital content back in your own hands. With DIVA, the sky's the limit. And that limit gets pushed with each innovation—welcome to DIVA V8.