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Caringo Swarm Object Storage

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Caringo solves the issues associated with storing and protecting rapidly growing digital assets while keeping them online and accessible. Offered as software or as an appliance, Caringo Swarm Object Storage optimizes storage and access at every stage of the digital asset lifecycle—from production to delivery to long-term preservation. M&E organizations including Studios, Production Houses, Broadcasters and Service Providers can now store what they need, ensure media integrity and keep assets online and accessible for reuse and monetization. Swarm intelligently aggregates all storage outside the high-performance layer into a comprehensively managed heterogeneous storage pool at the lowest possible acquisition and operating cost.

With a keen focus on the M&E industry, Swarm includes features such as Partial File Restore (PFR), which enables you to clip a large video file for rapid turnaround of a specific portion of a video (or video highlight) directly from the archive layer for editing, internal sharing or streaming. Broad CODEC support is available through the API for integration into Asset Management solutions with MP4-based clipping available directly from the Swarm Content Management portal.