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Cloud object storage


Tedial’s solution architecture, based on the Company’s innovative aSTORM storage management solution, easily and seamlessly migrates from an on-premises system into a Hybrid-Cloud system to enable remote production – critically important in today’s production environment. Leveraging a mixed computing storage and services strategy that combines the privacy and security of a private Cloud with the scalability of a public Cloud, it enhances orchestration among the various platforms and multiple sites. A HYBRID-CLOUD architecture offers broadcasters the ability to meet business objectives quickly while maintaining full control of media archives and costs and ensuring a low-risk transition into the cloud by moving the operation in-line with the business needs. Sensitive data and valuable content can be secured on-premises under company control in a safe IT environment with multiple security layers. Other benefits include lower CAPEX because the upfront investment is based on nominal usage, higher scalability permitting smooth adaptation to peak demand periods and lower costs, agility to quickly adapt to new business requirements, increased operations flexibility, and improved quality via optimized bandwidth and lower latency.

In addition to the HYBRID -CLOUD model, Tedial’s Evolution is deployed on the Public Cloud (Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure), on Private Cloud infrastructure and on-premise physical or virtualized systems.


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