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eMAM Cloud

Cloud archive storage

eMAM Cloud is a powerful cloud-based media management platform with instant ordering and deployment. It has three use cases and two deployment models. eMAM Cloud is available in the AWS and Alibaba Cloud Marketplaces and from

Intelligent archive. Securely store you content in the cloud. Artificial intelligent tools scan the media for faces, ideas, and keywords and provide a transcript. You can access the media from anywhere, share links, and download.

Production asset management. Collaboratively produce with editors and designers using integrated Adobe Creative Cloud apps (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator), while others use the web interface to create markers, sub clips, sequences, and projects.

Testing system. eMAM can provide complete integrated workflows with over 90 technology partners in any number of cloud or local system. eMAM Cloud allows you to launch a cloud system in minutes to test basic workflows and processes, so our team, your team, or our technology partners can use the pre-integrated tools, APIs and configurations to set up the system most suitable for your needs

SaaS Deployment. Software as a Service means eMAM runs everything for you and provides you with a login.

PaaS Deployment. Platform as a Service means eMAM provides software only for you to run in your cloud infrastructure, allowing you complete control.

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