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IABM BaM™ Shop Window

An online resource where users can source and find out more about the best products available
Fully categorised and searchable
Gives a complete, 360 degree model of the industry.

Consumer data analysis

Analyze consumer data to maximize attraction, retention and revenue by selecting appropriate content, services, consumer products and marketing strategy.

Limelight EdgeFunctions

EdgeFunctions simplifies development and reduces time to production for video and content delivery.

Limelight Video Platform

Manage, publish, syndicate, measure, and monetize web video fast and with ease.

Verspective Analytics

Verspective Analytics offers powerful new business intelligence functionality for deeper insights


NAGRA Insight helps operators make better strategic decisions, drive their business more effectively


Veritone Discovery, offers a Comprehensive, Customizable Analytics Suite for Audio and Video Data.

Singula® Subscriber Intelligence

Find and execute the best growth model for your subscription business

VSNExplorer BI

Transforms all metadata related to any media file into valuable information for a company

TV Business Analytics

TV Business Analytics helps enhance service delivery and consumption of services with data analysis.

JUMP Deep Recommender

Content recommendation tool based on machine learning

JUMP Actionable Segments

Audience Clustering and Segmentation tool.

JUMP Deep Insights

OTT Analytics and SVOD Insights Platform. Business intelligence for your video service.

Customer Churn and Retention

Churn management solution based on data analysis & machine learning technology