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VSNExplorer BI

Consumer data analysis

VSNExplorer Business Intelligence (BI) module transforms all metadata related to any media file into information capable of creating real value for a company. This solution presents all the information and data in a simplified way so that they can be easily analyzed and used to propose actions to increase efficiency and content ROI. VSNExplorer BI generates reports, graphics and detailed analytics, both automatically or manually generated, based on the information detected from media assets available in a MAM system, analyzing the performance of a specific company and assisting in the decision-making process.

VSNExplorer Business Intelligence (BI) module has been specifically designed for broadcast and media environments. Thanks to VSNExplorer BI module, users can extract all the information related to media assets, media quality control processes, traffic, transcoding, and many others, presenting all the selected data in a wide variety of graphics and analysis reports. This way, companies can count on reliable information for their decision-making processes and business performance analysis, no longer needing to create those reports manually or through third-party systems, saving time and resources.

These reports can be customized according to each user or department’s needs, combining both automatically generated reports with customized graphics, thus accessing the precise information they need with information related to overall company performance segmented by geographical area. This system also allows users to monitorize their company’s performance from one single dashboard, granting users and managers more control over its evolution and corporate history.

Thanks to the clean and attractive presentation of data detected directly from any broadcast system, VSNExplorer BI module thoroughly analyzes the real performance of any content, media file, workflow, or use of any resource available for a specific broadcast and media company. All this information represent a real value for any company or corporation willing to improve its business processes and identify new business opportunities.

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