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Consumer data analysis

YOUBORA gives video providers the comprehensive overview of their end-users’ streaming experience in real time, integrating with players to get the raw data that matters, and translating it into customizable and easily readable dashboards that not only provide businesses with all the data they could need, but also allow them to understand and act upon it in a meaningful way.

The challenge we had was to develop an evolution of our product which could convert extremely complex information into a visual design system intuitive enough to allow clients to identify, create, and stack their own patterns of KPIs, metrics, and dimensions based on the data for their individual service. By working closely with clients and always iterating towards a better version of our product, we were able to create a visual design language simple enough to enable users to obtain the data visibility that they need.

Currently, in version 6, faster and improved analytical capabilities, previously inaccessible mountains of raw data can now be leveraged for a complete range of business needs, from marketing to operations, product, and content departments. At NPAW we strive to provide video platforms with the analytics tools that they need to grow their business. That means we need to be quick, innovative, and forward thinking, always.

YOUBORA is a video intelligence solution that unites video analytics with business intelligence to improve video platforms for both the companies behind them and the people using them.

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