Consumer Data Analysis - IABM BaM Product Category

Consumer Data Analysis - IABM BaM Product Category

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Consumer data analysis

Analyze consumer data to maximize attraction, retention and revenue by selecting appropriate content, services, consumer products and marketing strategy.


MediaServicesIQ – AI & ML-Empowered Post-Production Workflows


Versatile analytics toolkits to help you extract business intelligence from your data creating real


Providing data management and analytics via a configurable and customisable software toolkit.


A highly flexible workflow and process toolkit that can be tailored to your unique requirements.

JUMP Deep Insights

OTT Analytics and SVOD Insights Platform. Business intelligence for your video service.

JUMP Actionable Segments

Audience Clustering and Segmentation tool.

JUMP Deep Recommender

Content recommendation tool based on machine learning

JUMP Retention

Churn management solution for video service providers.

Singula® Subscriber Intelligence

Find and execute the best growth model for your subscription business

ContentWise Analytics

Forecast UX KPI’s, compare personalization recipes, identify cohorts, predict catalog performance


Datazoom is the only data control platform and automation engine for OTT video.


NAGRA Insight helps operators make better strategic decisions, drive their business more effectively