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TV Business Analytics

Consumer data analysis

Viaccess-Orca’s (VO) TV Business Analytics helps enhance levels of service delivery and consumption of services by optimizing business models, search, recommendation, and personalization strategies based on data analysis. The solution provides actionable insights for products, marketing, and content strategies, enabling customer engagement and revenues to be maximized.

TV Business Analytics collects events from all device types and integrates with various data types that originate in the Service Delivery Platform, personalization, audience measurement, content protection systems, and client applications practicing privacy by design, according to European privacy regulations (GDPR). Propriety analytics reports and dashboards provide the right tools to support your decisions, making the most of data across all departments.

With TV Business Analytics, users can optimize product offerings and service strategies by generating revenue top down analysis to indicate top earning services and products, targeting audience segments with the most relevant promotions and content, and increase monetization opportunities. Utilizing advance audience measurement, TV Business Analytics can help to determine the most watched types of linear and VOD content as well as obtain detailed analyses of users’ interaction with content based on content attributes such as content providers, genres, and users’ viewing attributes, including device types and more. The solution also enables tracking of the viewer’s journey with consumption attribution analysis, helping to identify the impact of conversion sources in generating usage and identifying gaps in content offerings.

Using TV Business Analytics, operators can get instant and comprehensive visibility into their business performance. By identifying the products and content viewers like, operators can improve content discovery, increase viewer engagement, increase monetization opportunities with targeted tv advertising, and reduce churn.

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