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Content/data acquisition from public sources

Content acquisition and trending tools (text, images, audio, video) from consumers, public and social media sources.

Live Video Cloud

Built for acquiring, routing, and distributing high-value live streams

LiveU’s LU800 production-level field unit for live news and sports coverag...

Combines multi-camera production with mission-critical transmission in a native 5G field unit.


Portable HEVC/H.265 cellular backpack transmitter delivers HD picture quality at ultra low latency.


Cellular, satellite and microwave live video transmitter designed for fixed deployment in vehicles

TVU Anywhere

Turns your smartphone or laptop instantly into a live video streaming device for social media & CDNs


4K (UHD) and Multi-HD HEVC Encoder for contribution over Bonded Cellular and the Public Internet

AIR Series

Ultra-compact Bonded Cellular Transmitter


Market’s Most Advanced Mobile Video Encoding and Live Streaming Application

PlayBox AirBox Neo

AirBox Neo provides automated content playout for satellite channels, cable head-ends and more.

PRO3 Series

Industry’s Most Powerful and Compact HEVC Encoder over Bonded Cellular Networks

RACK Series

Premium HEVC Video Contribution Encoder


AI live monitoring, research and verification application for newsmakers, corporates and governments