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Content/data acquisition from public sources

TVU’s 6th generation mobile IP video transmitter is a breakthrough in size and performance. TVU One with HEVC cellular mobile solution uses both HEVC video compression and TVU’s patented Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) transmission algorithm to transmit HD quality video at 3Mbps with half-second latency. By utilizing the H.265 compression standard, TVU One uses less data and generates less overhead leading to lower operational costs while delivering even greater transmission reliability. TVU One with HEVC is available with embedded modems and can transmit simultaneously over multiple connections, including cellular, microwave, satellite, BGAN, WiFi, and Ethernet.

Key Features and Benefits of TVU One with HEVC:

Software-based HEVC encoder – An optimized encoder for mobile transmission environment. Significant improvement than off-shelf hardware encoder, which often are designed for different applications.

Fast Starting – Boots in less than 20 seconds from cold start with one button operation

Half-second Latency – Reliable transmission at half-second latency even in fast moving vehicles

Dual Encoding – Creates an exact recorded copy of the source video from the camera to the TVU One’s on-board SSD. The pristine recording is at a much higher bit-rate than that of any live transmission bit-rate and can be accessed at any time as a back-up recording.

Return Video Feed – Enables field camera crews to stay connected with the station through TVU One as a confidence monitor for live on-air broadcast.

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