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Live Video Cloud

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While transitioning from a linear to a digital broadcast and media landscape, organizations face major challenges. The digital distribution opportunity is fast becoming a reality, but this is generating large losses as it is Capex heavy. Digital incoming feeds are growing exponentially, and this is becoming chaotic and disorganized.LTN Live Video Cloud is built for acquiring, routing, and distributing high-value live streams in a scalable and flexible manner to enable you to be production-ready within minutes without any necessary capital expenditure or hardware dependency.

It allows the broadcaster to aggregate and handle large numbers of digital input feeds and distribute output feeds without expanding investment in existing legacy switching infrastructure. In turn it increases the value of the content by expanding the digital audience reach and revenue without capital expenditure.With LTN Live Video Cloud, broadcasters can acquire unlimited concurrent live feeds from professional cameras, encoders, mobiles, drones, and online sources. They can curate and route live signals within a continuous playback multi-view to unlimited outputs and allocate content wherever it is needed and distribute live signals simultaneously to unlimited online destinations and traditional broadcast infrastructures.