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Content data analysis

Analysis, metrics and dashboards for content assets - such as number of titles, hours, genres, status.

Digital Packaging and Delivery

End-to-end workflow orchestration for digital packaging and delivery

Media Solutions Toolkit

A suite of cloud-native microservices, designed for agility.


XDCAM air from Sony delivers a secure, seamless and wireless workflow from shooting to studio.

Bare Metal Cloud (BMC)

Bare Metal Cloud offers high-performance computing with cloud-like flexibility.

CGI Newsboard

Web based browser workflow interface for optimised production processes


NAGRA Insight helps operators make better strategic decisions, drive their business more effectively

Vela Encompass

A comprehensive compliance Monitoring Multiviewer & Smart Logger

Elastic Data Viewer

Unlock the power of your assets with Primestream’s award winning AI integration.

Interra Baton & Orion, Root6, Vecima

Baton Automated Content QC Orion & Orion OTT Monitoring & Service QC Root 6 Video Workflow

Tiger Spaces

Flexible User & Project Management and Storage Optimization


Automatic content detection, such as ads detection, and customized reports


Mediaflex-UMS – a software platform to Acquire, Manage & Deliver content across the entire lifecycle