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Content data analysis

Actus AdWatch offers an advanced audio and/or video content detection solution combined with a robust feature-set allowing detection of recurring content in linear broadcasts such as ads or promos.

The process begins by defining the reference commercials, either by marking them from the recorded feeds or by importing sample files.

The system automatically computes one specific fingerprints for each of the marked commercials.

AdWatch monitors the live feeds of all selected channels, and compares the fingerprint of the live feeds to the fingerprints of all the marked commercials (ads) or any other content stored in the database.

Adwatch can also detect new ads that have not been fingerprinted and alerts the operators with all the new ads for confirmation.

At the end of the process, AdWatch creates a database of all certified detections.

The user may produce a large set of reports from this database, by date, channel, brands, campaign and many other attributes.

For further analysis, there is a possibility to export any report to excel (.csv)

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