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Protect your valuable data with Paragon for Archives

Designed for flexibility and ease of use, Paragon is a Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) platform that can scale from systems for a single user or small workgroups, through to large national archives responsible for the safe storage of petabytes of data.

The Paragon system provides an open architecture to deliver a media-aware storage management system by utilising the LTFS standard and controlling LTO data libraries. It creates a fully-managed, digital content library that is device independent, future proof, and secure, while enabling easy access to archived content and making it simple to repurpose it across teams and organisations.

An integrated proxy-browse interface makes it simple to search, discover and browse media with its associated metadata, select clips, and carry out partial restore of content before downloading, saving both time and money for your organisation.

Paragon has the flexibility to be used as a standalone archive solution as well as being capable of being extended for wider business requirements by combining it with other TMD media services platforms.