Fiber Interfaces - IABM BaM Product Category

Fiber Interfaces - IABM BaM Product Category

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Fiber interfaces

Optical interfaces for fiber-optic cables.

DVB-T Fiber Optic Link

Transport multiple RF DVB-T feeds over fiber with strong signal strength

6 GHz Link

Widest SFDR of an RF over fiber outdoor rated module, this covers a frequency range of 10 MHz-6 GHz

IP Virtual Card

IP Virtual Card software development kit for transport of ST2110 video, audio and ancillary data

L-Band 10 MHz Diplexer

Distribute a single 10 MHz reference frequency to all L-band paths on the unit.

L-Band RF Splitters

Save space by locally splitting the output from a fully populated 19″ chassis

UHF and VHF Fiber Optic Link

The ViaLiteHD broadband 10-1000 MHz link is ideal for VHF/UHF radio and TV signal distribution.

C-Band 3.4-7.1 GHz (500 MHz – 7.5 GHz)

Reliably transport signals from dishes to remote locations with low running costs

Green OEM Link

Super compact and lightweight with an incredibly low power consumption – ideal for wireless cameras.

Blue2 Link

Dual solution OEM available in frequency bands from 2 kHz-4.2 GHz.

Outdoor Enclosures – ODE-MINI

Class leading for its size and cost, saving you space and money

Outdoor Enclosures – ODE-A4 range

Durable, lightweight ODE’s for permanent or rapid deployment, wall or pole mounting and more

Rack Chassis

Reliable chasses with simple, fast hot swapping capabilities and redundancy options.