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Fiber interfaces

Optical interfaces for fiber-optic cables.

8. Outdoor Enclosures – ODE-A4 range

ODEA-A4 GPS, ODE-A4 VSAT, ODE-A4 Quad LNB and ODE-A4 configurable.

7. Outdoor Enclosures – ODE-MINI

ViaLiteHD ODE-MINI Compact Outdoor Enclosure

1. Blue2 Link

The Blue2 link is available in all ViaLite frequency bands from 2 kHz-4.2 GHz.

5. C-Band 3.4-7.1 GHz (500 MHz – 7.5 GHz)

The C-Band is used to transport signals from dishes to remote locations

2. Green OEM Link

The Green OEM Link (previously known as the Broadcast module), is ideal for wireless equipment.

Connection Kits

These kits can be used to easily integrate ViaLite links with customer equipment.

3. DVB-T Fiber Optic Link

The ViaLiteHD DVB-T link enables broadcast operators to transport multiple RF DVB-T feeds over fiber

6. DWDM, WDM & CWDM Multiplexing

DWDM, WDM & CWDM allow multiple channels be simultaneously combined over a single fiber.

4. UHF and VHF Fiber Optic Link

The ViaLiteHD broadband 10-1000 MHz link is ideal for VHF/UHF radio and TV signal distribution.

SNMP Monitoring & Control

ViaLite Horizons SNMP Controller (HRC-3) can be used to fully monitor and control ViaLiteHD RF over

L-Band RF Splitters

The RF splitters have enough capacity to locally split the output from a fully populated 19” chassis

Rack Chassis

Both the ViaLite 3U and 1U indoor rack chassis come with a 5-year warranty as standard.