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L-Band RF Splitters

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The ViaLiteHD RF splitters have been designed to save space in a 19” ViaLite chassis by negating the need to have a splitter module installed. This allows more capacity for fiber links.


The RF splitters have enough capacity to locally split the output from a fully populated 19” ViaLite chassis. Therefore, they are ideal for broadcasters where redundancy applications need to be considered. The solution comes in two types: 50 & 75 Ohm, which are fitted with either SMA or BNC connectors accordingly.


  • 50 or 75 Ohm RF port

  • DC pass through

  • 700 MHz to 3 GHz range

  • 10 W max forward power

  • 1U 19” shelf

  • 13 inputs 1:2 Split

  • SMA or BNC options




Broadcast Satcom Uplinks, SNG Vehicles, VSAT broadcast operations, Master control centre redundancy operations.