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greenMachine HDR Evie+

Audio signal processing, routing and infrastructure

The greenMachine HDR Evie+ (Enhanced Video Image Engine), 1 RU half 19” rackmount, is a real-time segmented frame-by-frame broadcast-quality High Dynamic Range (HDR) to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) converter, with frame sync supporting formats up to 4K UHD (3840×2160). It is the world’s first system that uses the advanced algorithm for sectional dynamic tone mapping, which automatically analyzes different sections of an image in HDR stream and applies optimal corrections on a frame by frame basis in real-time. This unique capability is unlike any other solution today. It is the perfect real-time production tool for sports or any live broadcast event needing high-quality real-time HDR to SDR conversions. HDR EVIE+ fits best in the single native HDR workflow reducing the cost of equipment and manual operations.

The sectional dynamic tone mapping technique is applied to several spatial areas (sectors) in the image. In this type of tone mapping technique, the algorithm adjusts the signal by using several dynamic curves, one per image segment/sector. The algorithm then combines the result with global dynamic curves based on the entire image. While the dynamic curves of the different sectors are perfectly adapted to the respective image content of their segments, the global curve is perfectly adapted to the content of the entire image. Depending on the image content within these sectors, the algorithm reacts dynamically, which allows lights and shadows to be treated independently. Therefore, dark areas can be brightened, and the bright areas can be darkened without getting a flat gradation of the image. “

HDR EVIE+ provides a 1x 4K/UHD processing channel supporting down-conversion from HDR transfer characteristics to SDR through appropriate sectional dynamic tone mapping. It also supports the Wide Color Gamut (WCG) needs of broadcasters and professional AV live events requirements. HDR Evie+ package also includes HDR Static configuration for Static HDR SDR conversions, which performs static tone mapping to realize UP/Down/Cross conversions between HDR and SDR, suited best for the studios or the environments where the light conditions do not change dynamically.


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