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Outdoor Enclosures – ODE-MINI

Fiber interfaces

The new ViaLiteHD ODE-MINI is a compact and versatile outdoor enclosure with a good deal of features for its size. It can house one or two Blue or Yellow OEM Links, which can be any ViaLite RF band to 4.2 GHz, or a C-Band Link up to 7.5 GHz. Options include: Site Controller with fully integrated SNMP, Mini Ethernet Switch and LNA/B Power. The enclosure is class leading for its size and cost.

  • Smallest enclosure

  • Optional Site Controller with SNMP management

  • Optional 3 port mini Ethernet switch

  • Quick connect quad fiber

  • Optional dual redundant PSU

  • 5-year warranty

The ODE-MINI is cast aluminium and has an ingress protection rating of IP65. It is lightweight and dish-mountable.

The enclosure can house:

  • L-Band up and downlink

  • C-Band RX or TX module (OEM format only)

  • SNMP monitoring & control

  • 3 port mini Ethernet switch.

The enclosure is typically installed on a rooftop or at an antenna hub, especially is restricted spaces, where RF and other services are transmitted over optical fiber to a remote equipment room.

Ideal for broadcast applications:

  • L-Band version for flyaway antennas etc.

  • GPS version for connection to Video Sync Pulse Generators (SPGs) or precision network timers

  • Neutrik power and optical connectors for fast Outside Broadcast (OB) deployment

  • Dual redundant power supply design for OB communications reliability

  • IP65 rated and wide environmental specification for tough production conditions

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