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2. Green OEM Link

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The Green OEM Link (previously known as the Broadcast module), is a form-fit and function replacement for ViaLite’s DVB-T and UHF/VHF Classic OEM links.


The Green module has exceptionally low power usage at just Tx – 1.1 W and Rx – 0.8 W.  This reduced power consumption is particularly important within the broadcast market, with wireless mics and cameras typically being battery-powered. The lower consumption means cheaper, smaller and lighter batteries with a shorter battery life can be used.

  • Single Tx or Rx

  • 100 to 1000MHz

  • Plug-in replacement for ViaLite Classic

  • <1W (low power consumption)

  • 87 x 46 x 19.6 mm with mounting plate

  • For Wireless Cameras or Microphones

  • 5 year warranty