Network management, monitoring and orchestration

Monitoring of networks and connectivity, quality of service (QoS), network orchestration, alarms and status reporting

Monitoring and Control (Satellite related services & applications)

Capacity Management Centre (Satellite related services & applications)


Innovative Next-Generation Broadcast and Delivery Solution. Best experience to any device anywhere

Virtualization Stack (V-Stack)

V-Stack is next-generation cloud management software developed by Aperi for managing the A1105.

Dejero WayPoint 3

Four-output receiver for SDI or MPEG-TS workflows

Kiloview D300 4K HDMI HEVC Hardware Decoder

Kiloview’s Powerful Hardware Video Decoder with Dual Outputs


It allows you to approach, route, produce, construct and deliver any NDI signals to chosen targets.

Kiloview Intercom Server

It’s a multi-channel talking software that allows efficient communication during program production.

KiloLink Server

It is a product management platform to allow the user to manage all Kiloview devices.

Kiloview U40 HDMI to NDI 4K Encoder

Kiloview U40 HDMI to NDI 4K Encoder easily converts 4K P60 HDMI to NDI® high bandwidth.

Kiloview MG300 IP Video Media Gateway

It integrates functions such as protocol conversion, streaming distribution, video preview, etc.

Kiloview N60 4K HDMI/USB to NDI Bi-Directional Converter

The Best 4K HDMI/USB to NDI Bi-Directional Converter

Kiloview N40 4KP60 Video Encoder/Decoder

Kiloview N40 is a 4KP60 Video Encoder/Decoder.