Outside broadcast and mobile facilities

Outside broadcast vehicles (OB trucks, ENG and uplink vehicles, support vehicles) on dry hire, wet hire or managed-service models.


NEP offers more than 34 flypack systems around the world.

Centralized Production

We offer centralized multi-camera production solutions around the globe.

Host Broadcast Support Services

We offer a full-slate of solutions to support any host broadcast around the globe.

OB trucks/Mobile Units

NEP offers over 150 cutting-edge OB trucks/mobile units around the world.

LTN LEAF Flypack

Enables professional broadcasters to deliver live events easily, conveniently and globally.

LTN Flex

An at-home production model, which utilizes the reach and reliability of the LTN Network


Appear’s X10 DSNG is tailor-made solution dedicated to DSNG and Mobile production applications

Telos Infinity® Virtual Intercom Platform (VIP)

The first fully-featured Cloud-based intercom system delivering sophisticated comms virtually.

Dejero LivePlus for Windows App

Dejero LivePlus for Windows is the only all-in-one solution for broadcasting from home.


All functions of a studio is to be found on this light and portable machine.

Signature HA2+

Twin Stereo Headphone Amplifier

Signature PS1

Power Station Master Power Supply