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LTN Flex

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LTN Flex is an at-home production model, which utilizes the reach and reliability of the LTN Network. LTN Flex offers the quality of traditional broadcast production at a price point that opens up new content creation opportunities for all levels of sports leagues and organizations.LTN Flex delivers game-changing cost savings by reducing the personnel and equipment required on site to produce high-quality content. Sports organizations that were previously limited by the high cost of traditional production can now produce and distribute a larger amount of first-rate content. LTN Flex is a fully integrated, single-vendor end-to-end solution for video production and transport. Within this model, LTN’s Create production center deploys production work from a single remote location with centralized technical resources and highly skilled personnel. Connecting the sports venue to the LTN production facility, the LTN Network enables live IP-based video delivery with consistent low delay and high quality and with 99.999% reliability that meets or exceeds broadcast quality standards.