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LTN LEAF Flypack

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LTN Leaf Flypack™ is a portable connection to the LTN Network that enables professional broadcasters to deliver flawless live events — easily, at scale, and from any location. Packing the power of a satellite truck in a cost-efficient carry-on, Flypack provides broadcast quality, ultra-low latency, and global reach, backed by our fully managed and monitored multicast IP network.

A complete IP solution for any live event, Flypack features plug-and-play setup, offers encryption capabilities, and encodes and decodes at up to 20 mbps with SD and HD support.

By connecting Flypack to the LTN Network, you can manage and control video from origin to destination, monitoring every signal with LTN Portal and always-on NOC support.

Power the future of video with LTN Leaf Flypack.