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BaM™ Product Highlight: GB Labs Mosaic

Thu 07, 11 2019

Mosaic Automatic Asset Organiser

Winner of the BaM Awards at NAB Show 2019, GB Labs’ ‘Mosaic’ - an industry-first combination of AI and intelligent storage – is an automatic media asset organiser that is a dynamic, all-new, and vastly enriched way to track and find media assets, saving its users enormous amounts of time and, therefore, money.

Mosaic eliminates the tedium of old and inefficient search methods by automatically scouring all in-built metadata and integrating it with a professional AI tagging system. This not only eliminates the need for users to manually tag anything but also presents them with what they need based on what Mosaic intelligently determines they want.

Dominic Harland, CEO-CTO of GB Labs said, “We are deeply honoured to have received a BaM® Award at NAB Show 2019 for our new Mosaic automatic asset organisation software.

“It’s always gratifying to be recognised by your peers, but when the judging panel is comprised of no less than 40 industry experts, it’s even more satisfying. It’s meaningful not only because it is independently judged but because, as the IABM acronym suggests, the judging panel, organisation, and recognition are truly global.

“The uninitiated might assume that Mosaic is some flavour of MAM, but it’s not, and doesn’t try to be and the judges clearly got that. For many, a full-blown MAM, particularly in relation to storage, is unnecessarily expensive and complicated. They got that, and Mosaic as a solution, too.

A combination of AI and intelligent storage – an automatic media asset organiser saving time and money. An industry-first combination of AI and intelligent storage. Presenting assets in a way that the user decides is important.

IABM Judge

“We arrived at the Mosaic solution because we looked at the problem from another angle. We knew there had to be a better way for storage users to track, tag, and retrieve what they needed, so we set about making that happen in a way that made sense. And a big part of that sensible approach was to, for the first time in the industry, couple intelligent storage with AI. That gave us, and the industry, an elegantly designed asset tracker and organiser that is a dynamic, highly enriched way to store, track, and quickly present relevant media assets.”

What makes Mosaic work so well is that it generates a lot of data automatically, which therefore provides users with a far more flexible and efficient way of quickly and accurately finding precisely what they need rather than having to manually tag, hunt, and hope.

However, just as important as its automated tagging and search capabilities is Mosaic’s direct link with GB Labs’ intelligent performance management component, which dynamically prioritises tasks so heavy processing loads can be handled during periods when spare cycles are available. In the real world, that means the technology is working for the user at all times as opposed to becoming yet another storage headache that typically occurs when they’re least welcome.

GB Labs’ philosophy is that assets should present themselves to the user in an order that they decide is important rather than the user wasting time and money trawling through terabytes of data to find what they need. Mosaic offers a timely solution to a real-world issue.

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