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BT Media Live | BT Media & Broadcast

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Gathering live news is tricky. And when you’re broadcasting on location and in central London, it becomes a logistical nightmare. As the clock counts down, you race to get fibre connectivity or park the satellite truck.


With Media Live your camera team can send footage to a hub using the wireless transmitters on their cameras. Video can travel from our receive points in London to your studio in an instant.


Five reasons to use Media Live

  • It’s always ready to use. There’s no need to book satellite space and use trucks. So your teams can get to stories first.

  • It’s a completely dedicated service. Use Media Live to send footage over your radio channel. Uncontested access means there’s no other users to slow you down. Far more reliable than 3G, 4G or wi-fi.

  • It works with any camera transmitter. There’s no need to splash out on new equipment. Or pay to maintain your own receive point. And it’s cheaper than transmitting over satellite.

  • It can be set up for occasional use. We can book dedicated radio frequencies for one-off broadcasts on your behalf.

  • It connects directly to our BT Tower Network Switch. Send video directly to London’s BT Tower and on to customers in media production and distribution – right across the world.