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Fiber and private IP connectivity

Private IP connectivity, typically over MPLS fiber, permanent or bookable for data and video distribution.

GMN MediaNet Cloud Gateway solution

The MediaNet Cloud Gateway solution is an advancement onto the existing Telstra Global Media Network

LTN Network

Broadcast-quality IP Video transport solution providing an innovative, IP-based live video delivery

Digital Video Network

An Australian network solution enabling customers to share real-time and file based media content

The Switch IP Video Transport

Our first-mile experience and best-in-class IP innovations give you access no matter what.

Global Media Network | BT Media & Broadcast

You can use our Global Media Network to distribute live TV across borders, without interruption.

X Platform

Hi-density, modular, low latency. UHD & 8K. TICO, HEVC, AVC & J2K. 10GbE, S2X, ASI & SDI. SRT, Zixi.

The Switch Live Video Streaming

Taking your feed from venue to viewer is made easier and safer than ever when you trust The Switch

Facility Line Plus | BT Media & Broadcast

Connect your content to a Global Media network and transmit HD video and audio securely to the world

XC Platform

Modular cable, satellite, terrestrial & IPTV broadcast system meeting any operator needs


IP Networking Gateway for Reliable Data Transport

BT TV Outside Broadcast | BT Media & Broadcast

Get your content from venues across the UK and Europe to your designated point seamlessy


Audio Codecs for IP-based STL/TSL