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QUAD CellLink

Mobile/cellular connectivity

AVIWEST’s new QUAD CellLink combines four patented high-efficiency wideband antennas and four embedded 3G/4G-LTE cellular modems with SIM cards to increase signal resiliency in critical conditions for live HD/UHD/4K video transmission.

Paired with AVIWEST’s HE4000 4K live video encoder, the QUAD CellLink gives video professionals a powerful alternative to traditional satellite or microwave transmissions, reducing costs and time to setup equipment for real-time 4K video distribution.

The QUAD CellLink is designed for broadcasters transmitting live events in HD, UHD, and 4K from remote areas, locations with limited bandwidth or environments like stadiums, where higher performance or enhanced connection reception is important. By using the public internet to contribute and distribute video, it decreases distribution costs while improving video quality and latency. This solution is perfect for broadcasters that want to add to or extend cellular transmission capabilities in remote areas or environments like stadiums, where higher performance or enhanced connection reception may be required.

One of the innovative features of the QUAD CellLink is its rugged design, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, it is quick and easy to setup, saving broadcasters a significant amount of time for newsgathering and field events broadcasting compared to the traditional satellite-based solutions.

AVIWEST’s QUAD CellLink has a unique ability to increase signal strength for live 4K video transmission, using four patented high-efficiency antennas and four 3G/4G-LTE cellular modems with SIM cards to ensure flawless delivery of broadcast content over the internet. With the QUAD CellLink, broadcasters can enhance the quality of their services, delivering higher resolution, low-latency, error-free video quality.

When paired with AVIWEST’s HE4000 encoder, the QUAD CellLink further improve broadcasters’ ability to deliver high-quality content in a live setting. By enabling broadcasters to meet the demand for 4K video, the QUAD CellLink opens up new revenue opportunities.

Unique features and benefits include:

  • Fast setup and easy use: In live broadcast transmission scenarios, time is of the essence. Broadcasters can’t waste precious minutes setting up complex equipment. One of the advantages of the QUAD CellLink is its ease of use. The QUAD CellLink is compact and can be mounted quickly to motorbikes, cars, trucks, helicopters, boats, and tripods – any type of device used by broadcasters in a remote setting. Simple and fast to setup, the QUAD Series facilitates video professional operations for newsgathering and field events broadcasting compared to the traditional satellite-based solutions. The QUAD CellLink is also vendor-agnostic, meaning it can be combined with AVIWEST’s HE4000 encoder or any third-party solution for 4K distribution.

  • Powerful cellular connectivity: In remote environments, direct access to the public internet may not be available. Using AVIWEST’s QUAD CellLink cellular transmission solution and the HE4000 encoder, broadcasters can achieve the high performance and enhanced delivery required for 4K distribution.

  • Superior video quality: Using the QUAD CellLink with the HE4000 4K Ultra HD HEVC live encoder broadcasters can easily deliver live 4K, UHD or HD content over unmanaged IP networks. The encoder includes HEVC encoding and SafeStreams® contribution technology for delivery of highest video quality at minimum bitrates with ultra-low latency. SafeStreams technology incorporates IP bonding techniques, precision timing over bonded cellular and the public internet, and adaptive bitrate encoding, enabling broadcasters to save dropped packets during live transmission due to multiple layers of redundancy. AVIWEST’s technology automatically recovers dropped packets through forward error correction. Then, if the errors are too long or too deep, then automatic retransmission kicks in to request the missing packets.

  • Cost savings: The QUAD CellLink reduces 4K distribution costs in two ways. First, it eliminates the need for expensive satellite equipment and delivery methods, enabling broadcasters to rely on more affordable internet-based delivery. Secondly, it reduces delivery costs through the use of HEVC compression on the HE4000 encoder. Leveraging HEVC technology, broadcasters can deliver the same visual quality as H.264/AVC at up to 50 percent of the bitrates, a substantial savings.

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